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FEZA student grants

Application for FEZA Grant

FEZA offers a maximum contribution of 1500 EUR for events organized by FEZA or at least two FEZA Member Associations. The contribution is reserved for grants for PhD students that actively participate in the scientific event with a contribution that reflects their PhD work. The grant cannot exceed 320 EUR per student. Furthermore, the grants are reserved for PhD students working in one of the FEZA Member countries. The same person can obtain the FEZA Grant only once.

The Organizer informs the president of FEZA and FEZA Grant committee about the planned event and sets the deadline for the grant application in accordance with the event deadlines, i.e. after the deadline for the acceptance of the conference contribution. The organizer also proposes to the FEZA Grant committee the amount of money for each applicant in accordance with the above agreed limitations.

The applicants must fill in the form, which contains personal data of the applicant, information about the contribution at the event, bibliographic data and motivation statement.

The FEZA Grant Committee will select the awardees on the basis of the quality of their contributions (invited lectures, oral presentations, posters), their academic curriculum vitae and their motivation letter. In the case of equality the grant will be given to the younger PhD student.

The form can be downloaded here: FEZA grant form.
Filled form and other needed documents in electronic form (.pdf, .doc, .docx) must be sent to:

Current events under auspices of FEZA

Approved FEZA student grants

Student support for attending of The 8th Czech-Italian-Spanish Symposium on Catalysis (Amantea Italy), in amount of 300 Eur to each student, are granted by FEZA to:
Santiago GutiƩrrez Rubio

Student support for attending of The 7th FEZA Conference, in amount of 320 Eur to each student (student fee), are granted by FEZA to:
Anfray Clément, France
Alexander Alexandrovich Karavaev, Russia
Valeryia Kasneryk, Czech Republic
Christian Wittee Lopes, Spain
Jelena Milenković, Serbia
Chiara Negri, Italy
Alessandro Porta, Italy
Andreas Puškarić, Croatia

Student support for attending of The 7th Czech-Italian-Spanish Symposium on Catalysis, in amount of 300 Eur to each student, are granted by FEZA to:
Beatriz Bernardo-Maestro, Spain
Enrico Catizzone, Italy
Héctor Hernando Marcos, Spain
Miroslav Položil, Czech Republic
Chiara Vittoni, Italy

Student support for attending of The 7th Slovenian-Serbian-Croatian Symposium on Zeolites, in amount of 250 Eur to each student, are granted by FEZA to:
Svetlana Dekić, Croatia
Marin Ganjto, Croatia
Iva Kaplanec, Serbia
Marija Marković, Serbia
Jelena Milovanović, Serbia
Jelena Pavlović, Serbia