Federation of European Zeolite Associations

Annocements of the Conferences, Schools and Workshops in Science of Micro- and Mesoporous Materials

On behalf of the Italian Zeolites Association and Interdivisional Catalysis Group of the Italian Chemical Society, the organizers cordially invite all the colleagues involved in the field of catalysis, zeolites and ordered porous materials to attend the 8th Czech-Italian-Spanish Conference on Molecular Sieves and Catalysis, joint with the AIZ 2019 Congress (XVI National Congress of Zeolites Science and Technology, and with the GIC 2019 Congress (XXII National Congress of Catalysis) which will be held from 11th to 14th June, 2019 in Hotel La Principessa, Amantea (CS), Italy.
The AIZ-CIS-GIC Jointly Meeting 2019 will honor a great Italian Scientist, Dr. Giuseppe Bellussi (Senior Vice President R&D Energy Transition Program in the Development, Operations & Technology division of the Eni Company) who gave a fundamental contribution in the field of Zeolite Science and Technology.

The 19th International Zeolite Conference will be held in Perth, Australia, 7-12 July 2019. More about Conference program and venue at 19th IZC.

The 8th Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian symposium on zeolites wil held in Belgrade, on 3-5 October 2019. This symposium is dedicated to zeolites and related materials and will gather colleagues (researchers and from industry) from Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. "Zeolite people" from Europe and the world are welcome! Booklets and more info at the official website.