Federation of European Zeolite Associations

Fourth Cronstedt Award

The award will be presented at each FEZA conference to an individual or to a group working in Europe for a contribution to science and technology related to zeolites, ordered mesoporous materials, metal-organic frameworks or other porous materials with significant scientific impact during the six years prior to the nomination deadline. The award is named in honor of the Swedish mineralogist Axel F. Cronstedt (1722–1765), who was the first scientist to describe distinctive properties of zeolites and introduced the term “zeolite”.

The selection of the Cronstedt Award winner will be proposed to the FEZA Board by a Selection Committee, nominated by FEZA Board before the deadline for the presentation of the candidatures and including representatives of industrial companies, suggested by the national zeolite associations participating in FEZA. The Selection Committee will be chaired by the awardee from the previous FEZA conference. The FEZA Board will be responsible for administering the process.

The deadline for nominations for the 4rd Cronstedt Award (will be granted at 9th FEZA conference) is 1st May 2023. Each national association may nominate only one individual or group. Each nomination should include a short description of the contribution and justification of its impact (up to 2 pages), short CV (up to 1 page) and copies of up to 5 principal publications. The received nominations will be distributed to the Selection Committee members.
Members of the Selection Committee and of the FEZA Board cannot be nominated during their service, also previuos Cronstedt Award winners can't be nominated.

The Selection Committee will submit to the FEZA board a list with at least 2 and no more than 4 names (individual or group) proposed for the Cronstedt Award.

The selection will be carried out, at a meeting during the FEZA conference, by a two-stage voting procedure which narrows the list of nominated candidates first to two, and then one candidate. The two candidates with the highest number of votes move to the second round. Each member of FEZA Board casts a single vote and a simple majority of delegates present at the meeting selects the winner. The vote is secret. The FEZA President does not vote during this procedure. If two or more candidates have equal numbers of votes, the vote will be repeated. Only in this case - second voting - the FEZA President will have the right to vote.

The nominations must be sent by email to:

Rules and propositions in PDF format can be found in this document: 4th Cronstedt award.

Fourth Cronstedt Award selection committee:

Prof. Wieslaw J. Roth, Jagiellonian University, Poland, president
Prof. Jean-Pierre Gilson, ENSICAEN, France, member
Dr. Stijn Van Lierde, ExxonMobil, Belgium, member
Prof. Russel Morris, University of St. Andrews, UK, member
Prof. Heloise Pastore, University of Campinas, Brasil, member
Prof. Eelco Vogt, University of Utrecht, Albemarle Corp., Netherlands, member
Prof. Zi-Feng Yan, UPC, China, member

Third Cronstedt Award

The third Cronstedt's Award is awarded to prof. Wieslaw J. Roth (Jagiellonian University, Poland) and prof. Jiří Čejka (Charles University, Czech Republic) for their substantial contributions to the fundamental aspects of synthesis and understanding of two-dimensional zeolites. It include general methodology for soft-chemical manipulation of zeolite layers to produce different frameworks, swelling and interlayer chemistry of layered MWW zeolites, soft chemical exfoliation in preparation of liquid dispersions of zeolite monolayers.

Wieslaw J. Roth (left), Jiří Čejka(right)

Second Cronstedt Award

During the 7th FEZA Conference, held in Sofia (July 3-7, 2017.), FEZA Board announced that the winner of the second Cronstedt's Award was prof. Russell E. Morris (University St. Andrews, UK), for his scientific contributions in chemistry of zeolites and similar porous materials, which include ADOR principle, ionothermal materials chemistry (chiral induction and quantum spin liquids) and new concept in MOFs chemistry. The second Cronstedt's Award was sponsored by Exxon Mobil.

Russell Morris

First Cronstedt Award

The first Cronstedt's Award for contributions to science and technology related to zeolites, ordered mesoporous materials, metal organic frameworks or other porous materials is awarded to prof. Svetlana Mintova and prof. Valentin Valtchev (Laboratoire Catalyse & Spectrochimie, CNRS, Caen, France) for their fundamental studies on zeolite nucleation in organic-free hydrogels, that brought the current state of the art to the level of rational design of zeolite crystals and synthesis of high quality nanosized zeolites. The first Cronstedt award was financially supported by TOTAL, and presented at 6th FEZA conference, held in Leipzig, 2014.

Cronstedt award recipients
Svetlana Mintova, Jörg Kärger and Valentin Valtchev