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Petr Nachtigall

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Professor Petr Nachtigall

It is with great sadness that we have to communicate the passing of Prof. Dr. Petr Nachtigall, Ph.D. on 28 December 2022.

He was an internationally recognized expert in computational material science with particular emphasis on porous materials. He received his Ph. D at the University of Pittsburgh. After returning to Prague, he worked at the J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry, later at the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and since 2009 at the Faculty of Science of Charles University. Here he made a major contribution to the establishment and development of the top scientific center "CHARLES UNIVERSITY CENTRE OF ADVANCED MATERIALS" and introduced a new PhD and MSc program "Modelling of chemical properties of nano and biostructures". Recently, he has conceived and organized the establishment of a new Bachelor of Science program "Science". Prof. Nachtigall has regularly published in the most prestigious scientific journals; he is the author of 181 publications with 8,289 citations and an h-index of 54 (as of 1 January 2023).

He is well known for his studies of adsorption complexes and reaction mechanisms in zeolites and analogous materials, which significantly contributed to the understanding of the behavior of zeolites for practical applications. Moreover, the has contributed significantly to the discovery and theoretical explanation of a new method of synthesis of zeolites ADOR, thanks to which more than 10 new types of zeolites have already been synthesized.

Prof. Nachtigall was awarded the Bedřich Hrozný Prize for Basic Research (2015), the Prize of the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports for significant results of basic research in natural sciences (2019) and the Donatio Universitatis Carolinae (2021).

In Peter Nachtigall we lose not only an outstanding scientist, teacher and mentor, but also a great person and friend. Our thoughts are with his wife Gabriela and his family.